Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh, how quickly life changes

Well, life moves so fast and things can change in an instant. And they have. A week ago...

We were chosen by an expectant mother! 

This is a picture of our baby boy. Our EM is due on August 7th. We are thrilled!

One day I was on Facebook, we'll everyday I am on Facebook :) I am part of an amazing adoption group for all members of the adoption triad. One of the members posted a situation on the page. I contacted the agency and checked with our consultant, we decided to be presented to this birth mother. A week later I got a phone call from the agency and the expectant mom wanted to talk to us on the phone! We scheduled a time that happened to fall on the first night of our family reunion. 

It felt comfortable and calm about the upcoming call. I had an amazing conversation with my consultant, Courtney Lott ( Faithful Adoption Consultants ). Did I mention that she is brilliant? We went through what I should expect an how to handle the call. We drove to our family cabin for our family reunion. I asked our family to join us for a prayer before we left. This was such a beautiful moment for us, to be surrounded by our large family hand in hand an pleading for this mother and for the Lord's will to lead the way. It was touching, I will always remember it. 

We drove down to the nearby town and waited for the call. It came and it was amazing. We talked for almost an hour. I felt at every turn I was saying the right things and that it felt so natural. The things my husband said were perfect. We felt so excited when she asked to meet us in person the next week. 

A week later, We drove about five hours to her city. I was super nervous for this. I kept messing with my hair, I wanted it to be perfect. We got to the restaurant and her and the social worker were running late. Oh man! Every second I got more and more nervous, enough to make my normally calm husband feel a bit on edge. She finally arrived. To be honest, it was so awkward at first. I had no idea what to say so I kept talking about the weather. After some time, she started asking questions to get to know us better. After dinner the conversation progressed into something quite beautiful. As I listened to her tell us about her feelings, I couldn't help but feel connected to her. Our lives are so different but much of our feelings are the same. I started to love her in those moments. She told us that she felt like we were the ones. Her and I embraced and cried together. 

The match became official the next day and we stayed in town to go with her to her doctor appointment. She gave us a picture and the video of the ultrasound. It felt so surreal to hear her refer to the baby as ours. I just wanted to stay there all day with her and I really have wanted to ever since. 

I can't even explain what it feels like to be chosen. It is exciting and scary all wrapped into one. It's beautiful and heart breaking. It's her pain and my joy. It's like nothing on this earth. The one feeling I know for certain, is that in feel so blessed. I feel blessed to be able to experience adoption with all it's ups and downs, to be able to meet and associate with the people in the world of adoption, and mostly I feel blessed that my prayers have been answered. 

Yay! I am finally going to be a mommy!

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